Admissions Checkup

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Student and Parents

Students and Parents

AdmissionsCheckup Offers Students a Pre-Submission Review

Three admissions officers will review the application and identify any concerns. The student can then explain, mitigate or, if warranted, change the application before it is submitted. While it is no guarantee, having former admissions officers give college admissions advice is a huge advantage in the application process.


Here’s why:

  • It can improve admissions chances.
  • Unlike family, friends, teachers and guidance counselors, the AdmissionsCheckup admissions committee has read and evaluated thousands of applications.
  • The AdmissionsCheckup admissions committee does not know the student and is unbiased.
  • AdmissionsCheckup helps catch red flags or mixed messages and gives the student an opportunity to send the best application possible.
  • AdmissionsCheckup advice makes for a more compelling application.
  • The feedback is direct, candid, confidential and fast.

Once the student’s college/graduate school application is complete, click on the “Submit Application” button to upload the application and transcript.

* Please delete your social security number/other confidential information before sending your application.