Admissions Checkup

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Deferred and Wait-Listed Students


Deferred and wait-listed students use AdmissionsCheckup to bolster their applications and get admitted.

  • Students get honest feedback from former admissions officers.
  • AdmissionsCheckup allows students to clarify aspects of the application that may have been unclear when their application was initially submitted.
  • Unlike family, friends, teachers and guidance counselors, the AdmissionsCheckup admissions committee has evaluated and made admit, deny, defer and wait-list decisions on thousands of applications.
  • AdmissionsCheckup admissions officers do not know the student and are unbiased.
  • AdmissionsCheckup officers can catch red flags or mixed messages and give the deferred or wait-listed student a chance to mitigate them.
  • AdmissionsCheckup improves admissions chances.
  • It makes for a more compelling application.
  • The feedback is direct, candid, confidential and fast.

Get Feedback from Former Admissions Officers in 24 Hours!