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AdmissionsCheckup offers your students the following advantages:

  • It makes clear that you give your students the best possible service.
  • AdmissionsCheckup is a unique selling point to parents/students.
  • AdmissionsCheckup routes your students’ applications to former admissions officers from each student’s first-choice (or similar) college.
  • AdmissionsCheckup could increase your school’s/practice’s admit rates.
  • You can call on the expertise and knowledge base of former admissions officers who have read thousands of application files.
  • AdmissionsCheckup is completely confidential.
  • It offers quality control.
  • It goes beyond college essay tips and provides a new holistic perspective on the entire application.
  • AdmissionsCheckup replicates the admissions process; former admissions officers review the student from afar.
  • It clarifies how admissions committees reflect upon an application.
  • AdmissionsCheckup gives you insight from admissions officers who have made thousands of admit, deny, wait-list and defer decisions.
  • All of your students will benefit from the admissions officers’ feedback.
  • AdmissionsCheckup offers perspective on admissions areas that may be new to your practice.
  • We offer a discount to guidance counselors and college consultants. Email us for more information.
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