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Samples of Admissions Officers’ Feedback

Composite sample of one admissions officer’s feedback on Student A:

This application is impressive. The Common Application essay is particularly strong and may even be one of the best I have read in quite some time (and I have read a lot). Transcripts and test scores could not be better, but the Cornells and Wakes of the world might want to see Spanish senior year. A few thoughts…

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Composite sample of another admissions officer’s feedback on Student B:

Grades and lack of curriculum rigor will make this student’s battle somewhat difficult.  He will need to compensate for those items throughout the application.

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Composite sample of a third admissions officer’s feedback on Student C:

Overall, this is a solid application. Given your obvious interest in math/science, your transcript syncs with your interest. Academically, while the ACT is strong, science is the weakest section. This is something engineering schools will notice. While they are not included here, I am wondering if you took the SAT II subject tests (math 2, physics, etc.) or if you might consider taking them as they could reinforce this area.

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